Exam Auditor (North East, London and South Coast)

Are you interested in helping us monitor the quality of exams delivered by City & Guilds centres?

If so, a role as an Exam Auditor may be for you.

Industry Area
Exam Auditor
Exam Auditor
Associate Type
External Quality Assurer
London, North East
Ref No

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Exam Auditors visit centres to conduct and document exam activities, in order to ensure City & Guilds exams are delivered in line with regulatory requirements.

Exam Auditors are contracted on an annual basis and are not employed by City & Guilds.

You will maintain a thorough knowledge of both the regulatory requirements for conducting examinations and City & Guilds reporting and IT systems.  This is a great opportunity to be able to use your skills to:

  • review centre examination arrangements
  • identify risks and ensure appropriate action is taken
  • develop SMART action plans
  • effectively communicate details of visits to City & Guilds.